Very Be Careful

Adventure has never been a task for VBC. A Caribbean soul and a California heart have sustained over a decade of ceaseless romp-downs and raucous times for L.A.’s vallenato veteranos, inciting 10s of 1000s of men, women, children, and even some wild animals, to boogie to the Colombian coastal beat. From the debaucherous streets of: Austin’s SXSW, and Germany’s World Cup Tour ’06; to the cultural pinnacles of: Chicago’s Summer Dance Series, New York’s Central Park Summerstage, Los Angeles’ Grand Performances and Levitt Summer Concerts, Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction Street Fair; colossal concerts: L.A. Sports Arena CumbiaFest, Glastonbury Music Festival UK, Asagiri and Fuji Rock Festival Japan, Hammersmith Apollo London; clubs and hubs: N.Y.’s SOBs, L.A.’s HOBs, backyard BBQs, Very Be Careful has tamed the beasts within or unleashed the ones without.

Bootlegged across Latin America, pumped at the clubs, and ripped on the radio and satellite stations of Japan, Argentina, Mexico, England, Belgium, Australia, Canada and the USA, Very Be Careful forges ahead globetrotting alongside legends and antiheros: Joe Strummer, Alfredo Gutierrez, Antibalas, Carlos Vives, Jack White, Grupo Niche, Kronos Quartet, Buena Vista Social Club, Gogol Bordello. Their infamous ten year traditions hosting old school “dances” for Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Halloween and the legendary July 4th Brooklyn “Cumbia Under The Sparks” rooftop affair, has brought together people from around the globe itchin’ for those early roots sounds that prove a stripped down parranda is sometimes fiercer, and funner, than a bleedin’ riot.

1998 Pinto Records’ “El Niño” (produced by Money Mark)
1999 De Volada/Downtown Pijao “Cheap Chillin”
2001 Downtown Pijao “The Rose”
2002 Downtown Pijao “El Grizz”
2005 Downtown Pijao “Ñacas”
2007 Downtown Pijao “Salad Buey”
2009 Downtown Pijao “Horrible Club” (live bootleg recordings)
2010 Barbès “Escape Room”
2012 Downtown Pijao “¿Remember Me From The Party?