Maxwell Perla

Maxwell Perla is a Philadelphia-based writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and record label owner. In addition to performing as a solo artist under his La Dante moniker, Perla has teamed up with fellow Defend Music artist Vincent John to found the production company / record label Eraserhood Sound. Since 2019, Perla has been building Eraserhood Sound, as he has written, produced, engineered and performed for musical acts including Say She She, Kendra Morris, Fantasy 15, Abby Jeanne, Michelle Treacy, Stereo League, Angelo Outlaw, and more. His work has been featured in movies, television, video games, and more.
Perla is known for his instantly recognizable deft, funky drumming, which he provides to all of Eraserhood Sound’s releases. He is also known for his poetic, poignant lyricism, which is on display in tracks by Vincent John, Market East, his own La Dante project, and more. Together with John, he has helped create a style of music dubbed Synth & Soul, which pairs vintage analog recording stylings with more 80s based synthesizers and drum machines. Dive into Eraserhood Sound’s catalogue to hear Perla’s impressive, dynamic range as a creator.