Zach Schwartz, better known as LMNOP, is a ball of enthusiastic musical creativity. Growing up in the eclectic Los Angeles music scene, he derives his sound from his hometown, with a feeling in his music of ever-present desire to be transported back in time to his childhood. LMNOP’s passion for a wide amount of genres makes him ideal for any party, and heavily influences his music production. He has done official remixes for Monogem, and Spencer Ludwig, as well as original production with Yung Jake, Dollabillgates, and JC Chasez.

Live performance has always been a passion for LMNOP. Having studied acting for over eight years in high school (LACHSA) through college (Cal Arts), Zach continues to bring his love of performance into his DJ Sets. Last year, he put out two EP’s (Rose Gold and Gold) on Dome of Doom Records, a fast growing indie tape label based in Los Angeles. He also performs live and produces for his band Glen Parks with Amanda Walker, and GOODPEOPLEZ with Jacob Gibson and Roberto Martin. He is also currently working on music projects with Jett Kwong, Luca Skye, and KILLSPENCER, as well as developing his first full-length album.