‘Henry’s Crime’ starring Keanu Reeves and James Caan out on DVD/Blu-Ray, features music from Defend songwriters

Independent film “Henry’s Crime” featuring music from Defend songwriters and Daptone recordings artists out today on DVD/Blu-Ray!

Synopsis from amazon.com:
“Henry (Keanu Reeves), the Buffalo toll collector-turned-criminal mastermind at the heart of this offbeat drama, lives a quiet life with his wife, Debbie (Judy Greer), until high school acquaintance Eddie (Fisher Stevens) tricks him into driving a getaway car, which leads to a three-year stretch for armed robbery. A new Henry emerges after his cellmate, Max (James Caan, having the time of his life), encourages him to live a little, reasoning “You’ve done the time, you may as well do the crime.” Then, before he gets out, Debbie leaves him for another man (Danny Hoch, who plays Eddie’s partner). Fortunately, Henry soon crashes–literally–into Julie (Vera Farmiga), a brittle actress with a soft center, and joins her in a production of Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard that takes place in a theater connected to the fateful bank by means of a Prohibition-era tunnel, which the newly sprung Max helps him to excavate. But when Eddie muscles in on the action–things get complicated. Written by Sacha Gervasi (Anvil! The Story of Anvil), Henry’s Crime benefits from the light touch of Malcolm Venville (44 Inch Chest). If the pieces–screwball comedy and film noir–don’t always fit together the way they should, the movie evokes one of those Michael Caine capers from the 1960s, even if Reeves lacks the same degree of savoir-faire. Sprightly support from Bill Duke, as a security guard, and Peter Stormare, as a director, plus retro-soul selections from Daptone Records help the existential ennui go down easy. –Kathleen C. Fennessy”

Check out the Henry’s Crime spotify playlist created by the fine people at Daptone: LINK TO PLAYLIST!

Here’s the trailer: