Defend Music’s first release of 2012: Ready Set Go!

Defend is happy to announce it’s first release of 2012: “Ready Set Go!” will be available physically and digitally everywhere on February 21, 2012.














Ready Set Go! is selection of uptempo, beat-oriented tracks that carry a universal message of happiness and positivity!

Imported Goodz
Imported Goodz serves up infectious, pop/hip-hop tracks that will have your head humming. Spearheaded by Lawrence and Wayne Gordon, members of the Daptone Records family, also co-writers of the Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings track “Window Shopping” with Derek Nievergelt.

Pat & Ryan
The duo of Patrick Dicenso and Ryan Spraker can churn out great, feel-good Soul tunes to get you in the right mood. Ryan is also a frequent collaborator of Eli “Paperboy” Reed, co-writing many songs on Reed’s latest album “Come and Get It”.

Sons of Jezebel
Nicolas Gruter and Josh Falcon join forces to create Sons of Jezebel. A raw, hip-shaking rock duo fit for any bar-room dancefloor. “Sons” are quite the departure from Gruter’s beginnings as an audio consultant for the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

The dream pop project of Deanne “Dede” Reynolds and Tim Kvasnosky formed two years ago in Brooklyn, NY and haven’t stopped since. Their song “My Secret Sweet” was featured in the first episode of IFC’s “Dinner with the Band”, not to mention Friskies featured their music in a campaign that premiered during the Winter Olympics of 2010.

The Danger Cosmos
Geoff Geis hails from the Eastside of Los Angeles, and created this project to unleash his own brand of indie-pop. His other projects include Pizza!, Big Whup and he’s also worked as a solo artist. Geis’ musical reach is extremely unique, and The Danger Cosmos is no exception. The lo-fi catchiness will be sure to stick with you.

Positive Bonfire
Ethan Shumaker makes his musical debut as Positive Bonfire. Having previously only made recordings in his bedroom, Positive Bonfire is his go at creating moody and melodic tunes that can take you to another plane.

Koala Impala
Thomas Hien and Nicolas Gruter bring uplifting, positive music fit for any age-range and any audience. Koala Impala is able to find the perfect balance of a beach vacation and a grueling 9-5, making life all that much more enjoyable, even when it gets tough.


1. Imported Goodz “Ready Set Go feat. Gia McGlone”
2. Pat & Ryan “Don’t Ya Wanna Dance?”
3. Sons of Jezebel “Whoo Boy”
4. Pat & Ryan “Girl, You’re Beautiful”
5. Dede “Get Get”
6. Imported Goodz “My Head Keeps Spinning feat. Gia McGlone”
7. The Danger Cosmos “Gettin’ Higher”
8. Imported Goodz “I Want You To Know feat. Gia McGlone”
9. Positive Bonfire “Defend The Skies”
10. Imported Goodz “You Make Me Smile feat. Gia McGlone”
11. Koala Impala “Life Is Good”
12. Pat & Ryan “I Think About Love”