Pile is a rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. Rick Maguire started Pile as a solo project in 2007. He put out Demonstration, a 10 song demo that year and then put out ‘Jerk Routine’ in 2008. Wanting to be able to tour on the material with a band, Rick attempted to find some other players. After some shuffling, the ones that have stuck around are Kris Kuss on drums, Matt Becker on guitar and Matt Connery on bass guitar. They have since put out LP’s Magic isn’t Real (2010), Dripping (2012), You’re Better Than This (2015), along with two EP’s. Since they formed in 2009, they have toured as much as their lives collectively could allow, playing over 500 shows spread out over the US, Canada, the UK and Europe. They’ll be putting out another record around the first of 2017.

Rick also continues to play solo sets consisting of old material that started the band, full band songs re­imagined in stripped down versions, and new / barely finished material.